MegaFon launches app for locating mobile devices

March 17, 2014. MegaFon and MegaLabs announce the launch of a new app, MegaFon Tracker, that makes it possible to track the locations of mobile devices with a high degree of precision.

According to the telecommunications provider’s press service, the app is using data from GPS/GLONASS, the wireless, and GSM module, which ensures maximum precision in positioning.

MegaFon Tracker is used for enhancing the positioning precision for such services as Radar and Cadre Control. The location of both Radar and Cadre Control users used to be identifed based only on the data provided by a few base stations, so the pointing error might come to 100m downtown and to a few kilometers in the rural areas. MegaFon Tracker collects data from several different sources: GPS/GLONASS, the wireless, and the base stations. If you install this application onto a mobile phone of your child or employee, you can locate their whereabouts and their movements with the precision of several meters.

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