MegaFon Supplies Firefighting Solutions

13 April 2018 (11:45)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 13, 2018. Yekaterinburg Forestry is now going to control fire outbreaks online, MegaFon Ural’s press service reports.

Thanks to MegaFon’s new telecom solutions, forestry control operators will be able to monitor the area right from their mobile devices.

MegaFon’s base stations under 75 meters tall are now fitted with 360◦ videocameras; these ‘electronic eyes’ with 30-km visibility range now control the woods in Sadovy, Istok, Sovkhozny, Gorny Shchit, Novosvedlovsky Power Station, Lake Chusovskoye, Dinamo Biathlon Camp, Medny, and Kurganovo, The smart electronics can even tell smoke from fog and report a fire outbreak automatically.

‘We had the cameras installed based on the location of the most fire-prone spots. The system works particularly well to detect fire outbreaks as timely as possible. This is also less expensive than sending a rescue team to patrol the area. There are currently twelve cameras operating at MegaFon’s base stations; this equipment works well in any climate and within -50 to +50 degrees centigrade temperature range,’ says Director of Yekaterinburg Forestry Alexander Chubarkov.

MegaFon’s engineers also set up protected communication channels for the forestry workers to ensure online transfer of video footage onto control operator’s mobile devices.

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