ChTPZ Group’s educational project gets praised on international scale

23 January 2014 (09:24)

January 23, 2014. The Future of White Metallurgy, an educational project run by ChTPZ Group, received favorable feedback on an international scale. Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (a member enterprise of ChTPZ Group) was visited by Michael Harms, Chairman of the Russian-German Foreign Trade Chamber’s Board. He came to get acquainted with the Future of White Metallurgy, a project based on the principle of dual education for blue-collar workers, the company’s press service reports.

‘I wanted to see for myself what ChTPZ Group’s initiative was about, and I can only speak in extremely favorable terms of this enterprise. The dual education approach is the up-to-date education that is very closely tied up with the actual production environment and has all the methods, technology, and the necessary modern equipment. This is what I saw here today. You borrowed a lot from the classical German dual education model, but you also added a lot of unique components, which is a very good thing. I believe you have all the potential successfully to implement this project further,’ Michael Harms said.

Sverdlovsk Region recently won in a contest run by the Strategic Initiatives Agency among the Russian federal constituencies to single out ten constituencies where the dual education system will be introduced. Sverdlovsk Region was also declared a Mentor – a constituency capable of sharing its experience with the first-timers who are only preparing to train their cadre within the new model.

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