Sverdlovsk Region authorities to look into efficiency of budget spending

October 8, 2013. Sverdlovsk Region authorities are going to look into efficiency of budget spending, including the funding of the city councils’ development programs. This decision was made by Governor Evgeny Kuivashev following the Russian Federation State Council meeting conducted by President Vladimir Putin on October 4.

The President said it the country was switching to a purpose-based financing method that should be implemented in all the city councils in Russia.

The authorities hope that the new budget-setting principles will result in greater efficiency of budget spending, as in 2012, over 60% of all the government purchases were not processed in the right way, the press release says.

‘Of course, we are mainly concerned with controlling the efficiency of budget spending. I am going to conduct a government presidium meeting on the issue and I am planning to set clear and very specific goals such as looking into all the financing schemes and checking our budget spending for efficiency and expediency,’ the Governor said.

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