Sverdlovsk Region Budget Increased by 6.4bn RUR

March 20, 2013. Some changes to the region’s budget for 2013 and 2014-2015 were adopted in the third reading by Sverdlovsk Region Legislative Assembly’s deputies today. The total inflow figures were increased by 6.4bn RUR and came to 158bn RUR, while the spending figures were increased to 177.8bn RUR, the region’s Finance Minister Galina Kulachenko said in her report.

Ms Kulachenko said that the amendments had to do with a rise in the tax and non-tax payments to the budget. For one, donations from the federal budget went up by 3.3bn RUR and amounted to 11.7bn RUR. Most of this money (2.4bn RUR) will be directed to financing the local healthcare, and education spending will be increased by 1.2bn RUR.

Other planned expenses include a salary rise for the local civil servants, starting October 1, 2013. 425m RUR have been allocated for the purpose.

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