Russia’s Accounts Chamber to look into efficiency of budget funds spending on World Cup 2018 preparations

June 13, 2013. The Russian Federation Accounts Chamber is going to look into the efficiency of spending budget funds on the design and construction of sports facilities that will be necessary for the World Cup 2018, the Chamber’s website states.

The inspections will take place in June-September 2013.

Subject to checks are the Russian Federation Sports Ministry, the Governments of Mordovia, Volgograd Region, Sverdlovsk Region, Samara Region, Kaliningrad Region, Rostov Region, Nizhniy Novgorod Region, Moscow-based State Expertise Main Administration, Moscow-based Sport-Engineering Federal State Unitary Enterprise, Samara Region’s TerrNIIgrazhdanproyekt Institute, Moscow-based Arena Design Institute, and Mostovik Scientific & Production Association (based in Moscow, with a representation in Kaliningrad), and a number of banks.

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