ChTPZ Supplies Pipes to Rubin-Arena

5 February 2013 (09:23)

February 5, 2013. ChTPZ Group is now a partner in the project on the construction of the Rubin-Arena Stadium, the main venue of the summer All-Russian Student Games 2013 in Kazan; the Games are held under the auspices of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s Government, ChTPZ press service reports.

Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant and Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant’s weldless hot-rolled pipes that range between 102mm and 325mm in diameter and have wall width of 6mm to 25mm will be used as the basis of the Pyramid, a metal wall of a complex shape made of pipe trusses; this wall is to decorate the Games opening stage. This project will require a total of 450 tons of supplied pipes, of which 80% have already been shipped to the consumer.

One major criterion that these pipes have to meet is the increased strength performance. ChTPZ workers met this challenge in the best possible way and also met the customer’s requirements for the pipe dimensions.

70% of all the metal structures at the Rubin-Arena Stadium are actually made from ChTPZ pipes.

The Urals-based pipe manufacturers were chosen because ChTPZ plants have a wide range of options as far as pipe products are concerned and can manufacture anything with a diameter from just a few millimeters to 1,420mm. ChTPZ pipes were used for building a skating stadium in Sochi and a railway station in Adler (as part of the Olympics 2014 preparation program) and for putting up the Spartak Stadium in Moscow (which was done in preparation for the World Cup 2018).

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