ChTPZ Pipes to Be Used for Spartak Stadium in Moscow

October 24, 2012. Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant is to deliver a set of pipes to the construction site of Spartak stadium in Moscow: this will be one of the key venues for the World Cup 2018. Over 600 tons of hot-rolled weldless pipes made of 09G2S steel with the diameters ranging from 89mm to 377mm and wall width ranging from 7mm to 16mm will be manufactured by Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant and Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant. The first shipments will be made in late October, the company’s press office reports.

Spartak Stadium is currently being put up in Moscow. This will be a sports facility comprising a football pitch, stands fit for 45,000 spectators, and a roofed arena that could host 12,000 people. Circular pipes will be used to make the metal structures for the stadium. In Russia, such buildings are typically made of section iron, but the world’s experience has shown that circular pipes are much more efficient in terms of both esthetics and cost-cutting.

‘The company’s key customers are the fuel and energy complex enterprises, while the plant’s joining such a project proves we can fulfill out of the ordinary orders at any level of difficulty. The company can already boast its successful experience of supplying pipes for the buildings that are put up for the Universiade 2013, the 2014 Olympics, and the World Cup 2018: our pipes were used to build a stadium in Kazan, a skating facility in Sochi, and a railway station in Adler,’ the enterprise says.

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