Uralvagonzavod Completes Launch of GLONASS Solutions

October 22 The head office of Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation is about to complete its project on the launch of GLONASS solutions. The plant’s entire railway and automobile fleet of vehicles has been fitted with this navigation and positioning equipment. The project was designed and developed by M2M Telematika Group, and Asteros acted as the general contractor for the launch of this complex IT system.

The system was designed in accordance with this machine-building company’s needs and in accordance with the specific vehicle operation here. Given that most of the haulage on Uralvagonzavod’s premises is done through the railway department, GLONASS was first introduced at locomotives (the company currently operates 16 units). The locos are used not only for transporting cargo (raw stuffs and materials) around the company’s premises (listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest enterprise) but also for delivering the ready goods to the transportation hubs from where it is shipped to the end consumers.

The second stage of the launch included the introduction of GLONASS at automobiles, including KamAZ, ZIL, and GAZ trucks and prime movers. All in all, 216 vehicles were fitted with the modern devices.

In order to manage all the vehicles, a dispatcher service was set up to collect real-time data on both the exact location of a vehicle that is performing some production operation and its technical condition and compliance with operation modes. There are 22 computer work stations with CybelFleet® software that provides local access to data at Uralvagonzavod altogether.

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