Uralvagonzavod’s Volchansky subsidiary sets up new production line

October 3, 2013. Volchansky Mechanical Plant (a subsidiary of Uralvagonzavod) is now launching a new production line in the railway vehicles sector.

According to the press service of Uralvagonzavod, the mechanical plant will soon start dealing in production and delivery of railway vehicles meant for technological operation inside the plant and at industrial enterprises in the nuclear, ore mining, metallurgical, and machine-building sectors.

The design documentation will be elaborated by Ural Railway Carriage Design Office (a member of Uralvagonzavod Corporation). The project design will take into account the customers’ technological specifications for operation mode (the conditions under which the loading and loading will take place, the nature of cargo to be transported, the freight capacity of the platforms and the speed at which they should be able to move) and the need to improve the working conditions of the production staff. The production process is accompanied by a series of all the necessary tests.

By now, the design documentation for the special 23-5166 platform has been developed; the platform is meant to be used as the primary bearing part of an inter-terminal platform: this will transfer shells that are used during nuclear reactor overload and inspection. In addition, experts developed design documentation for the 23-5163 platform car that is meant for transfer of long cross sections made of aluminum alloys within industrial enterprises’ premises.

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