Uralvagonzavod Considers Making Underground Carriages

20 September 2012 (11:00)

Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation presented its produce at InnoTrans-2012 in Berlin on September 18. Railway vehicles, city transport, road construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles, and the multi-purpose TMV-2 - the corporation’s wide range of innovational products meant that Uralvagonzavod could be among the most impressive participants of the world’s largest transportation technologies exhibition, the corporation’s press service reports.

For one, cooperation between Uralvagonzavod and a major transport corporation Bombardier was discussed at InnoTrans. The plant might produce up-to-date tramways and possible underground carriages. The Canadian company’s President of the LRT division Mr. Walker and Uralvagonzavod’s Deputy DG for Road-Building Vehicles Mr. Mlodik examined Bombardier’s open-air stand (including the modern tram Flexity 2) and spoke about the possibilities of doing business together.

Walker confirmed Bombardier’s plans to enter the Russian electric transportation market. He said all big cities needed economical and environmentally friendly as well as comfortable transport like modern trams. Comfort is a special priority in tram manufacturing: Bombardier puts its customers first. What is more, today’s technologies guarantee the trams’ safety, smoothness and infallibility.

‘We are very happy to sign an agreement with such a company as Uralvagonzavod. This is Russia’s leading manufacturer, and we think that, with such a serious partner, our project has very good chances of coming true. We know that our Russian partner has a great production base and good expertise, so we are hoping for a long-term partnership,’ Walker said.

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