Yekaterinburg Adopts Incorporation Plan for District Akademicheskiy

4 October 2019 (09:19)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 4, 2019. Members of an ad hoc work team for Yekaterinburg’s District Akademicheskiy adopted a roadmap with all the stages of incorporating the district into the city as a new administrative unit, Sverdlovsk Region’s Information Policy Department says.

‘District Akademicheskiy keeps expanding; an ER unit got opened in the area a few days ago, which is the district’s first state-run establishment at the moment. The plan is to introduce a number of other organizations here that will cater to the locals’ consumer- and family-related needs right there. Akademicheskiy will also get its own administration to ensure even more effective running of the area,’ said acting Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Alexei Orlov.

Under the terms of the roadmap, the local Legislative Assembly will first have to adopt a bill on setting up a new administrative unit in Yekaterinburg. Yekaterinburg Duma deputies are expected to put forth the proposal to this effect before the end of the year.

Next, the name of the new district will have to get officially confirmed and adopted, with changes to Sverdlovsk Region’s laws relating to the constituency’s administrative/territorial structure and to Yekaterinburg Charter.

Finally, there will be issues relating to the district’s budget and management, as well as expenses to do with the introduction and accommodation of local government bodies.

The new administrative unit is expected to comprise both District Akademicheskiy and Micro-District Shirokaya Rechka (total population count: 220,000+ people), which is, in population terms, comparable with the already existing districts of Yekaterinburg.

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