Governor Yurevitch to double farmer subsidies

18 October 2010 (09:25)

‘Natural risks call for a reconsideration of our priorities: we now have to make a stake at livestock farming, so next year, we’ll double the state subsidies for this kind of farmers. They will receive 1 billion RUR,’ Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Mikhail Yurevitch said in his report at an inter-regional agro-industrial fair in Kurgan, Kurgan Region.

The Governor explained 85 million RUR would be directed to stock development, 567 million RUR would be used to subsidize the milk and meat production, and 300 million RUR will compensate the expenses related to farm construction and upgrades and acquisition of machinery.

‘We also hope for the support of the federal authorities. This means we expect them to finance the ministerial beef and dairy farming development programs. For one, farmers can now get subsidies on the interest they pay on loans taken out to buy young breeders. It sounds like a good idea to apply the same policy to the loans taken to buy dairy and beef cows meant for both breeding and sale,’ Yurevitch observed.

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