Sverdlovsk Region to get 111.5bn RUR in crop farming subsidies

28 October 2015 (17:37)

UrBC, Moscow, October 28, 2015. The Russian Government adopted a decree allocating 15,401,498,000 RUR in subsidies to the agricultural sector; the decree is available on the Cabinet’s website.

The money will be directed to the federal constituencies which, in their turn, must distribute the money to reimburse their local farmers on the interest rates they pay on their crop-farming loans.

Sverdlovsk Region will be allocated 111.545m RUR, while the neighboring Kurgan Region will receive 113.385m RUR.

Belgorod Region, Tatarstan, and Kaliningrad Region will receive the largest subsidies: 2,404,614,000 RUR, 1,979,771,000 RUR, and 1,150,409,000 RUR, respectively.

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