Chelyabinsk Region to be self-sustained food wise by 2011, Governor says

22 August 2008 (13:16)

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin held a traditional reception for the winners of the regional animal husbandry and aviculture contest. The spokesperson for the Governor reports the event was visited by workers of cattle- and pig-breeding farms and poultry factories. The thirty-nine winners were selected in nineteen categories, including the ones like Best Machine Milking Operator, Best Calf-Rearing Specialist, Best Livestock Expert, and Best Veterinarian. In addition, diplomas and certificates were given to the entire departments of cattle-breeding, agricultural, and poultry farms and of dairy plants.

Governor Petr Sumin said in the course of the reception that livestock breeding was one of the region’s top financial and technological investment targets over the last few years. The agro-industry was given over 7 billion RUR worth of subsidies from all types of budgets over the last two and a half years, including the 1.2 billion RUR directed to technological renovation. All this has already led to some good results.

‘Chelyabinsk Region can provide for 60% to 70% of the meat and dairy products it needs; given the global food market’s instability, this is a rather good result. This year, we need to achieve the milk yield of 3,700 kilograms and the meat and poultry output of 255,000 tons and 139,000 tons, respectively. By 2011, the region is supposed to fully cover its food needs with its own resources,’ the Governor observed.

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