Sverdlovsk Region Agriculture to Get Over 5bn RUR in Investments

25 January 2013 (09:31)

January 25, 2013. In 2013, 5.242bn RUR will be invested in Sverdlovsk Region’s agricultural industry, the regional government’s Press Service & Information Administration reports.

2.67bn RUR will be directed to issuing short-term loans needed to do all the seasonal agricultural jobs and to process the agricultural raw materials; 1.97bn RUR will be used for investment loans needed to buy vehicles and machinery, to build, re-build, and upgrade the crop-raising and animal husbandry facilities and to develop the infrastructure and logistics for the crop and animal produce markets, including the beef-farming segment.

602m RUR will be used to fund loans to small enterprises and private farmers.

It should be noted that Sverdlovsk Region Regional Budget 2013 Act provides for some subsidies to compensate the farmers for their investment loan expenses; these amount to 180.945m RUR; also, 47.876m RUR have been allocated for short-term loan subsidies and 2.643m RUR worth of subsidies will be directed to private farms development.

Analysts say 595,000 tons of milk and 230,000 tons of meat and poultry are expected to be produced in Sverdlovsk Region this year.

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