Chelyabinsk Region to spend 2.777bn on top budget priorities

27 July 2009 (08:55)

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin declared at a recent cabinet meeting that, despite the budget deficit, 2.777 billion RUR would be allocated from the region’s budget on the top priority items apart from the current expenses such as the public sector workers’ salaries and vacation bonuses and social benefit payments.

Among these top priority items are the federal cardiovascular surgery and positron emission tomography center and the regional clinical hospital’s sixth extension. Then, 200 million RUR will be directed to preparation for the heating season, 500 million RUR will be spent on road maintenance, repairs, and construction. 543.8 million RUR will be invested in subsidies to young families, young employees, and public sector workers in need of housing. Another 200 million RUR is to be spent on expanding the regional natural gas supply network. Finally, 331.6 million RUR will be invested in livestock farming.

According to the spokesperson for the Governor, Sumin also provided for incidental allowances to families with many children, who will receive 3,000 RUR per child at the end of summer to get their kids ready for school. Some money will also be allocated to the Great Patriotic War veterans to have their homes remodeled; in addition, some financing is to be provided for putting up obelisks on the deceased veterans’ graves. What is more, subsidies will be paid to help poorer families connect to the natural gas supply network.

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