Legal action taken against Venta stealers

Sverdlovsk Region’s Public Prosecutor stated that the premises of Venta (a Nizhnyaya Tura-based machine building plant estimated at dozens of millions in the national currency) had been sold at a price that only amounted to one-tenth of their actual worth. As a result, some serious damage was done to the company.

The officers of Nizhnyaya Tura Internal Affairs Administration’s Economic Offense Department had been investigating the incident for a quite a while, but the legally valid procedural response was only made after the regional public prosecution authorities got involved.

Following the authorities’ demand, the illegitimate refusal to take legal action was withdrawn, and a criminal suit was instituted after an additional investigation of the case. The charges are based on Article 160 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code (misappropriation).

Sverdlovsk Region’s public prosecution authorities are now supervising the development of affairs.

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