Energomash goes to court for neglect to pay

April 8, 2015. Sysert-based Energomash-Uralgidromash is now involved in a criminal suit, with charges of neglect to pay workers’ wages, Sverdlovsk Region public prosecution authorities’ press service reports.

It was determined that the company owed its workers more than 68.7m RUR as of April 1, 2015. The money is owed for the period between November 2014 and March 2015.

Based on the findings of their inquiry, Sysert public prosecution authorities instituted administrative proceedings against the company’s director, with charges based on Article 5.27 (Part 1) of the Russian Federation Administrative Offense Code (Violation of Labor Law). The executive was ordered to pay the workers’ wages.

Additionally, the prosecution authorities applied for court warrants for the recovery of wage payments to be issued (worth more than 3m RUR all in all). The files relating to the inquiry were placed with the investigative authorities for legal evaluation.

Having considered the said files, Sysert Investigative Department took criminal action with charges based on Article 145.1 (Part 2) of the Russian Federation Criminal Code (Total Neglect to Pay Wages for over Two Months).

Now Energomash-Uralgidromash is actually on the brink of bankruptcy. The application to declare the business insolvent was placed with Arbitration Court by Stupinsky Trading House in early February. The workers are now only employed part-time.

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