Authorities To Monitor Fire in Talitsa

20 June 2011 (09:25)

The public prosecutor of Talitsa, Sverdlovsk Region, took personal control over the criminal suit that followed a fire in the local forestry; the incident did over 600,000 RUR worth of damage, the public prosecution authorities of Sverdlovsk Region report.

It was detected that on May 19, 2011 a fire broke out at Sections 117-120 of Vnov-Yurmytskoye division of Talitsa Forestry due to some unsafe practices by an unidentified person. The fire covered the area of 49 hectares and damaged a number of pine trees within the area of 3 hectares. The damage was estimated at 609,600 RUR.

The Investigative Department of Talitsa and Tugulym Internal Affairs Department started criminal proceedings, with charges based on Article 261 (part 2) of the Russian Federation Criminal Code (damage to forest trees due to unsafe fire handling resulting in large-scale damage). The identity of the offender is now being determined.

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