Rus-Bank-Ural merges with Rus-Bank Group

Rus-Bank-Ural (formerly known as OAO KB Ural Treasures Bank) was merged with Rus-Bank on January 22, 2010, the Yekaterinburg-based bank’s official website states.

In accordance with Article 58 of the Russian Federation Civil Code, Rus-Bank will act as a legal successor of Rus-Bank-Ural’s rights and obligations and will thus be in charge of all the contracts signed within the reorganized banking structures.

Rus-Bank acquired Yekaterinburg-based Ural Treasures Bank in December 2007, raising its share in the local bank’s authorized capital from 0.0078% to 98.42%. On September 4, 2008 Ural Treasures Bank came to be called Rus-Bank-Ural, with the re-branding process completed in the spring of 2009. The bank introduced Rus-Bank’s corporate colors and style in their ads and internal and external identity objects. Eventually, all the visual elements of the bank’s image were brought in compliance with Rus-Bank’s corporate style; in addition, the bank’s range of products and the sales methodology were modeled on those of Rus-Bank.

‘Merging with Rus-Bank is the final stage of integrating Rus-Bank-Ural into Rus-Bank Banking Group,’ Rus-Bank-Ural First Deputy CEO Alexander Vassilyev observed.

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