Rus-Bank-Ural to replace sign plates and remodel soon

12 September 2008 (08:52)

Rus-Bank-Ural started to officially use its new name on September, 2008. This renaming was part of the bank’s major re-branding campaign. Rus-Bank-Ural is now the official name used in bank-customer agreements, advertisements, and the bank’s internal and external correspondence.

‘The renaming did not come as a surprise for our customers,’ the bank’s press officer reports. The news was actually announced via the Central Bank’s website on August 5, 2008; the information could be found under the Bank Updates rubric.

The whole thing started when Rus-Bank acquired 98.42% of Ural Treasures Bank’s shares at the end of 2007. Ural Treasures Bank was thus made a member of this large banking group.

On May 19, 2008, Ural Treasures Bank’s EGM resulted in the decision to rename the bank into Rus-Bank-Ural.

‘Ural Treasures Bank is one of the oldest in the region and has earned a reputation for being a dynamically developing company and a dependable partner. The bank is actually one of the Ural market’s leaders. So, the name change (from Ural Treasures Bank to Rus-Bank-Ural) is not a reason to lose the trust and respect one has for the business. We mean to stay true to our principles of customer service: flexibility, speed, and being open to cooperation,’ says Yana Perminova, who runs the bank’s office 1214/0/18 at 14 Gagarin St.

Rus-Bank-Ural’s press officer reports the company is soon going to replace the sign plates and the interior of the offices with the ones that fit in Rus-Bank’s corporate style.

‘Thus the traditional color green and the Ural Treasures Bank’s logo will become a thing of the past, giving place to Rus-Bank’s dominant color red and their logo,’ the press officer says.

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