Governor Sumin to allocate 100m to public transport

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin decided to allocate 100 million RUR to Chelyabgortrans so that the municipal public transport organization could pay off its debts to electricity and heating suppliers, the spokesperson for the Governor reports.

‘We can’t let Chelyabinsk dwellers freeze themselves to death while waiting for buses and trams that won’t come on time. The city’s public transport system must be failure-proof,’ Sumin said.

According to the regional minister for construction, roads, and infrastructure Viktor Tupikin, the money allocated from the region’s budget will allow Chelyabgortrans to fully pay off its debts and to make sure the system functions until the winter time at least. The minister emphasized that the public transport still needed to grow more economically efficient and less loss-making.

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