Governor of Chelyabinsk Region directs 350 million RUR to transport infrastructure

7 July 2008 (08:10)

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin directed some additional 350 million RUR from the region’s budget to the development of transport infrastructure in Chelyabinsk, the spokesperson for the mayor reports.

Like all the other municipalities, Chelyabinsk Region gets some regional budget’s subsidies for road construction. 1.58 billion RUR got invested in the city’s roads last year. This year, Chelyabinsk has received 700 million RUR to improve its roads this year. The money will be spent on the construction of a two-level junction at Cherkasskaya St., overhauls of Barbus St., Khokhryakov St., and Mamin St., and a road junction next to the future cardiologic clinic and Tractor ice rink.

The region’s budget always caters for the development of the cities and towns’ transport infrastructure. This year, almost 4 billion RUR will be allotted, with the additional 2 billion supplied by the federal budget. The money has been distributed among the municipalities in accordance with the designing estimates.

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