Chelyabinsk Region allocates 520 million RUR to pay end-of-year bonus to public sector workers

17 December 2008 (09:34)

Following the order of Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin, 520 million RUR were allocated from the region’s budget to pay the end-of-year bonus to the public sector workers. The spokesperson for the Governor reports 79 million RUR has been directed to the regional organizations’ workers, while the remaining 441 million RUR will be used to pay municipal employees. The money has therefore been distributed among the region’s towns and districts, and the Finance Ministry has by now fully completed transferring the necessary subsidies into the municipal budgets.

Before New Year’s Day, all the 225,000 public sector workers will have received their bonus. Just like last year, the local doctors, teachers, social workers, and culture and sports experts are to be given 2,000 RUR per person.

In addition, the minimum wage of a public sector’s worker will nearly double and reach 4,330 RUR on January 1, 2008, the spokesperson says. About 3 billion RUR will be directed from the regional budget to finance this pay rise.

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