Governor Sumin to subsidize retirees and children’s bus fares

20 April 2009 (08:52)

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin asked his Deputy for Social Issues Evgeniy Redin to write up a project on paying incidental 500-ruble allowances on Victory Day to the Great Patriotic War veterans, the Leningrad blockade survivors, and death camp prisoners who were under age at the time, 95,000 people altogether. This is a limited list for this difficult year: before the crisis, the allowances used to be paid to all of the region’s retirees.

What is more, the Governor asked the Minister for Construction, Infrastructure, and Roads Valeriy Shopov to arrange the new public transport routes leading to the countryside cottages and summerhouses, and to make sure the pensioners and children get a discount on their tickets.

‘Given the current trying circumstances, the regional dwellers’ vegetable gardens and household plots are becoming more important to them than ever. We have to support our gardeners and make sure they can travel to their summerhouses easily and cheaply,’ Sumin said.

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