UC RUSALís Ural smelterís cyclone furnace reaches full capacity in November 2008

This November, the cyclone furnace of UC RUSALís Ural smelter has reached the best productivity results within 3.5 years of operation, that is, 600 tons of alumina a day, with 97 to 98 kilos of standard fuel burnt per ton of alumina. This means the furnace is now operating at the level comparable with that of the worldís best equipment. What is more, the cyclone furnace has proved 1.5 times more efficient in terms of output and 40% more efficient in terms of fuel savings than rotor furnaces.

ĎThe need for innovation and our search for highly efficient solutions are something we have to do to keep with the times. Ural smelter was able to both construct the new machinery and to have it operate impressively. The stable and efficient performance of this furnace (our know-how, in fact) proves that we made the right technological choices. The furnace is capable of producing great quality alumina we need with very few expenses. This is the machinery of the future!,í says UC RUSALís Ural smelterís General Director Boris Smolyanitskiy.

This cyclone furnace is comparable with the western enterprisesí best specimens in terms of energy efficiency and the quality of produce and has no counterparts either in Russia or the CIS.

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