Worker killed at UC RUSAL Bogoslovsky smelter

29 November 2011 (09:21)

A worker was killed at UC RUSAL’s Bogoslovsky smelter on the night of November 25. The twenty-six-year-old alumina department employee was found dead, Vecherny Krasnoturyinsk reports.

‘The worker was killed under unclear circumstances at the furnace-charge section of the smelter’s alumina department. An ad hoc committee was set up by the enterprise to look into the causes of the accident. The committee comprises some representatives of Rostechnadzor (the state technological, nuclear, and environmental safety agency),’ UC RUSAL reports.

This is actually the second time a lethal accident has occurred at Bogoslovsky smelter this year. The first accident occurred on June 9, when two workers employed by the smelter’s subcontractor were killed. The two victims fell from a twenty-five-meter height and were lethally injured.

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