UC RUSAL invested USD 25 million in expansion of anode production at Sayanogorsk Aluminium Smelter

28 October 2008 (12:19)

Moscow, 28 October 2008 – UC RUSAL, the world’s largest aluminium and alumina producer, is pleased to announce the launch of the anode-baking furnace at the Sayanogorsk aluminium smelter following its modernisation.љ The goal of the USD 25 million project was to provide the Sayanogorsk and Khakas aluminium smelters with the necessary volume of high quality anodes, which are required for aluminium production.

The oldest of the three furnaces in operation at the plant was stopped in March this year for major repairs and modernisation. These were done in the shortest possible time. The innovations developed during major repairs to the second furnace at baking area last year were used in reconstructing the furnace.љ The third baking furnace was built and put into operation at the Sayanogorsk aluminium smelter in 2006 in connection with the launch of the Khakas aluminium smelter.

The project was implemented by the Engineering and Construction Division of UC RUSAL.љ When the furnace reaches its full design capacity of 15,000 tonnes of anodes a month, the demand of the Sayanogorsk and Khakas aluminium smelters for anodes, which is approximately 42,000 tonnes will be met in full.љ As a result the company will have no need to additionally purchase and deliver anode blocks from China to Sayanogorsk.љ The saving rate from the expanded anode production will be more than USD 33 million annually.

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