UC RUSAL’s Ural smelter’s environmental protection lab certified

31 July 2008 (10:40)

UC RUSAL’s Ural smelter had its environmental protection lab certified recently.

‘The accrediting certificate was issued by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulations and Metrology and proved the lab’s independence and competence in environmental monitoring,’ says UC RUSAL’s local press officer Roman Lukichev.

The enterprise’s lab has some 150 pieces of equipment meant for controlling the smelter’s environmental safety at the moment.

‘The lab experts carry out over 3,000 measuring procedures each month and regularly come up with new proposals on improving the plant’s conservational policies and making them more efficient. All their research helps to enhance the quality of our produce,’ says UC RUSAL’s Ural smelter’s GD Boris Smolyanitskiy.

The lab is currently developing the environmentally friendly ways of storing production waste through some new methods of testing the hazardous substances content in the soil and ground water.

The spokesperson for the company reports their environmental experts’ efforts helped the enterprise decrease its electrolysis facilities’ emissions by 2.1 times and reduce the amount of pollutants in their manufacturing water by nine times compared to 1987.

This year, some $9m dollars will be invested by UC RUSAL in their Ural smelter’s upgrading and environmental projects altogether.

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