Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation designs new generation drilling units

23 June 2008 (08:12)

Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation (consisting of Yekaterinburg-based Uralmashzavod and Orsk-based ORMETO-YUMZ) exhibited its oil rigs, pipes, and winches that the company is manufacturing at the moment on June 17-18, 2008. The event was attended by Eurasia, Rosneft-Bureniye, Ukrgazdobycha, Orenburgneft, Belarusneft, and a number of other O&G companies.

Visitors to the presentation could see the design of the third generation drilling units; today’s customers want more durable and more multifunctional equipment, which is why this is what the new units are going to be like. They can be assembled and disassembled quickly, they will be easy to operate, they will be reliable and wearproof, and they will be able to compete successfully with their foreign counterparts, says Uralmash Machine Building Corporation’s GD Nazim Efendiev. During the presentation, representatives of companies based in Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan said they’d be interested in the enterprise’s machinery offers.

Uralmash’s first drilling unit will be made for Gazprom in 2009. Then, the company expects to produce ten to fifteen sets of heavy drilling units with the capacity of 250 to 400 tons, and fifteen to twenty sets with the capacity of 125 to 220 tons. By 2015, the corporation will be producing between fifty and sixty sets of heavy and mobile drilling units a year.

The company expects to invest about ?50m or ?60m in the project.

‘The money needed to upgrade our production facilities is to be supplied by our stockholders as well as Sverdlovsk Region government that is greatly interested in the implementation of this project,’ says Nazim Efendiev.

Uralmash Machine Building Corporation decided to resume independent production of drilling machinery at the end of 2007 when the company’s O&G drilling machinery division was created. Then, the enterprise united with another drilling units manufacturer to create a special consortium that is currently working on the design of modern, mobile drilling units.

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