Uralmash Drilling Equipment isn’t Uralmashzavod’s legal representative

27 May 2008 (09:13)

‘Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation and Uralmash Drilling Equipment are two different enterprises. The latter is not Uralmashzavod’s legal representative and is not empowered to represent the plant on the drilling equipment market. This is why Uralmashzavod cannot be held responsible for Uralmash Drilling Equipment’s performance, its terms of delivery and the quality of its products,’ the spokesperson for Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation said to UrBC.

‘Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation was set up a year ago on the basis of two large enterprises: Uralmashzavod and ORMETO-YUMZ Heavy Engineering Joint Stock Co. These companies deal in production of mining and metallurgical machinery and O&G and drilling equipment, as well as lifting-and-conveying machines and cement-making facilities. The new corporation has been gradually winning back its shares of the market, including the drilling equipment one. Uralmashzavod is the only possessor of Uralmash trademark – a trademark that has become globally known over the seventy-five years of the plant’s operation. It is therefore not surprising that a lot of firms are trying to capitalize on this famous name despite the fact that they have little ground for using the trademark and do not always represent the enterprise’s interests,’ the spokesperson said.

‘Uralmash Drilling Equipment (part of Integra Group) does use our brand and pretends to be our legal representative when in fact it only bought an assembly shop and some premises from us in 2004 and has no full production cycle on site,’ Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation reports.

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