Uralmashzavod to supply 27 pumps to Uralmash Drilling Machinery

29 June 2007 (10:28)

Uralmashzavod and Uralmash Drilling Machinery are thinking of establishing a long-term partnership: ‘We could start mass-line production of high-tech equipment together,’ Uralmashzavod CEO Nazim Efendiev says.

To begin with, the two companies signed a 250-million-ruble agreement in June 2007 that states Uralmashzavod is to supply 27 1180 L1 pumps to Uralmash Drilling Machinery; the pumps will be used for different types of drilling rigs. The first shipment has to be ready by November 2007, the second one by the second quarter of 2008. Some bits of machinery are already being produced by Uralmashzavod ahead of schedule.

Uralmashzavod and Uralmash Drilling Machinery signed another contract at the end of May 2007. According to the contract, Uralmashzavod is to make oil derricks, rig frames, main decks, and other pieces of equipment and deliver these to Uralmash Drilling Machinery before the end of the year.

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