Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation enters drilling machinery market

9 November 2007 (10:11)

Uralmash Engineering (Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation’s daughter eEnterprise) developed a new division called O&G Drilling Machinery. The spokesperson for the corporation reports the creation of a new division came as a response to Russian oil-and gas companies’ increased need for drilling equipment.

‘The drilling machinery market growth means Uralmash must go back to designing and producing this machinery. We used to produce hundreds of rigs a year, and these are still used in the Far North, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Now we are busy employing more skilled workers, and our production shops have already been fitted with all the equipment needed for producing modern rigs,’ Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation’s GD Nazim Efendiev says.

Uralmash made its first set of drilling machinery in 1945 and has produced 15,000 drilling rigs meant for both land and shelf plates since then. Its produce was supplied to twenty-seven different countries.

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