Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation to resume production of O&G machinery

11 December 2007 (09:05)

Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation is going to resume its independent production of oil and gas machinery. The company’s top executives believe this re-introduction of drilling machinery sector will make it possible for the enterprise to use its production capacity to the fullest and provide work for a whole range of shops and facilities, including a plant set up specifically for making drilling tools. The share of this equipment in the company’s total goods output is expected to be gradually raised to 19%.

Ivan Rozhnov, Director of O&G Drilling Machinery Division, says the plant will start producing spare parts for drilling tools and the basic mounts for 225-ton boring rigs as soon as 2008.

The corporation is also planning to restore all the design documentation for cluster drilling facilities using all of its engineering resources. As a result, Uralmash will probably start shipping complete boring rigs to its customers as soon as 2009.

What is more, the company’s new division is going to deal in design and development of new products based on the second-generation cluster drilling facilities. Uralmash is thus hoping to create some new production facilities to replace the ones that now belong to Integra.

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