Uralmash Machine Building Corporation buys Uralmash Metallurgical Machinery from Severstal

19 December 2007 (09:09)

Uralmash Machine Building Corporation acquired Uralmash Metallurgical Machinery from Severstal. The cost of the transaction is reported to come to $15m.

Uralmash Metallurgical Machinery was originally sold by United Machine Building Works (aka OMZ (Obedinennye Mashinostroitelnye Zavody, formerly United Heavy Machinery)) to Severstalmash/Severstal Group. Now, the newly bought business is going to become an integral part of Uralmash Engineering (Uralmashzavod’s daughter enterprise) that already comprises Mining Equipment Division and O&G Drilling Machinery Division.

Uralmash Metallurgical Machinery is mainly made up of Uralmashzavod’s design offices with more than seventy-five years of experience in the field of developing metallurgical equipment, including rolling mills, hydraulic presses, and CC machines. This equipment used to be supplied to all the metallurgical enterprises of the Soviet Union (as it then was) as well as to Eastern Europe, China, India, Pakistan, Cuba, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and some other countries.

'Obviously, engineering processes should never be separated from the machine-building ones, so Uralmash Machine Building Corporation is expected to become a powerful engineering company with production sites in Yekaterinburg and Orsk,’ says the corporation’s General Director Nazim Efendiev.

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