Uralmash Corporation signs agreement with Mikhailovskiy Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise

15 January 2008 (09:03)

Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation and Mikhailovskiy Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise signed an agreement regarding the delivery of a roast machine and putting up all the corresponding facilities on the premises of the enterprise’s future pellet plant. This contract resulted from a tender where Uralmash had to compete with the Finnish Outotec and the Austrian Siemens-VAI. The deal is worth more than five billion RUR, the spokesperson for Uralmash reports.

The machine itself as well as the automatic process control system is to be designed by Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation and TOREX’s experts. The roast machine will be manufactured by Uralmashzavod and Orsk-based ORMETO-YUMZ Heavy Engineering Joint Stock Co. Design, manufacturing, and delivery are expected to be completed within the course of twenty-three months.

'MOK-1-592 roast machine is a highly automated piece of equipment capable of minimizing both the energy spending and harmful atmospheric emissions. This product is quite unique and has not yet been matched by any foreign counterpart,’ says the spokesperson for Uralmashzavod.

Mikhailovskiy Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise is currently using two OK-520 roast machines that were produced by Uralmashzavod and launched in 1977. At the time, these were the newest machines available with the total throughput of 6 million tons of iron-ore pellets a year. The new MOK-1-592 roast machine will produce as many as five million iron-ore pellets annually.

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