Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation completes working documentation for Severniy

Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation completed the working documentation for Severniy Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise based in Krivoi Rog, Ukraine. The documentation is necessary to restore the enterprise’s Lurgi 278 V roast machine. The contract for the delivery of equipment was signed in December 2007.

Uralmashzavod is currently working on the most complex units of the mechanical equipment. The first set of carts and the working documentation for the metal work have already been shipped to the customer. The whole set of machinery is to be delivered in January 2009, while the launch is expected in August 2009.

It took both the ore mining enterprise and Uralmash a lot of time to coordinate the project and the main designing solutions. Both parties wanted to do more than simply copy the design and units of the roast machine that were developed by Lurgi some thirty years ago. They wanted to introduce the newest technological advancements in order to enhance the machine’s reliability and durability and make it more fuel- and energy-efficient as well as less environmentally hazardous.

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