Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation completes design documentation for Mikhailovskiy ore mining and processing enterprise

22 July 2008 (09:32)

Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation nearly completed part of the contract it signed with Mikhailovskiy ore mining and processing enterprise. The contract provides for the construction of a roast machine facility needed for the enterprise’s pellet plant. Uralmash has to provide their customer with the process procedure description and the main designing solutions.

The spokesperson for the corporation reports their experts are about to complete all the design documentation for the roast machine (the facility’s biggest and most complex unit) and the balling drums. These pieces of machinery are to be manufactured by Uralmashzavod. The schedule for making the equipment has already been confirmed by both parties involved.

The process procedures papers determine the technology and the heat engineering to be employed for the production of pellets. The process procedure was developed by NPVP TOREX which works with Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation on the roast machine facility. The main designing solutions were developed by Mekhanobr Engineering and a number of other project entities. These solutions include the process flow diagram, the layout, and the machine flow sheet alongside with the list of the main processing equipment.

The contract for the equipment delivery and the construction of a roast machine facility was signed in December 2007. The pellet plant is to be launched at Mikhailovskiy ore mining and processing enterprise in November 2010. The new МОК-1-592 roast machine is expected to produce 5 million tons of pellets a year, thus becoming one of the world’s most powerful machines.

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