ChTPZ Group starts Future Staff project

ChTPZ Group Chairman Alexander Fedorov and Director of Chelyabinsk physico-mathematical lyceum No. 31 Alexander Popov signed a cooperation agreement on September 1, 2007. The agreement is aimed at providing the enterprise with highly qualified employees in the near future, ChTPZ Group’s press officer reports.

The company’s management met both the teachers and the parents’ boards at the beginning of September. Besides, a tour of the company’s plants was organized for them.

‘I feel this agreement between the school and the plant is a good thing. This is something that is in keeping up with the times. Workforce is crucial, as the saying goes, and to make sure the enterprise gets good personnel in the future, one should take steps now. I believe we are all moving in the right direction, and our school-leavers might actually be employed by ChTPZ Group. This enterprise has been developing stably and can boast great potential and nice future prospects,’ Sergey Efremtsev, whose subject is Literature, said in the course of the tour.

‘The enterprise needs talented mathematicians, physicists, computer programmers, and economists. We are very focused on scientific research and we had our R&D center totally reformed last year, therefore creating the primary conditions for fruitful scientific performance. The next thing is getting the best scientists,’ Alexander Fedorov says.

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