Evrazruda keeps working on machinery overhaul

26 July 2007 (14:46)

Evrazruda (Russian ore maker and part of Evraz Group) is going to give a 30-day overhaul to its load transfer gentry crane No. 4 that is normally used for unloading ore, limestone, and fuel. The overhaul is targeted at making sure the ore-blending plant can operate stably and properly, which, in its turn, is believed to improve the performance of Abagurskiy sintering plant’s processing shop. All this helps the company achieve its target annual production figures successfully, the spokesperson for Evrazruda reports.

The crane and all the accompanying equipment are now being thoroughly examined, with some restoration, fortifying, and partial replacements to follow. Both the mechanical and the electrical crane parts are to be repaired and the old and obsolete mechanisms are to be replaced. The company’s experts are also planning to do an ultrasound research of the crane rails and replace any defective sections they may find.

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