Russian ore maker gives overhaul to transporter cranes in one of its subsidiaries

22 August 2006 (10:06)

Evrasruda JSC (part of Evraz Group) gives overhaul to transporter cranes in its Abagurskiy subsidiary. No. 4 transporter crane was put out of operation on August 21, 2006 and will only be put back on track in twenty days, after all the defects in the metalwork have been eliminated.

The overhaul of No. 6 transporter crane located in the processing shop was completed last week; the repairs included patching the cracks in the metalwork that had emerged due to the extensive use of the device. No. 3 transporter crane was given a 25-day overhaul in July, which consisted of patching the cracks, fortifying the whole thing, replacing the weak screws with high-strength bolting, and full checkup of all the junctions and motors, with replacement of obsolete parts.

The workload of the two devices currently under overhaul (each with capacity of 32 tons) now has to be handled with the help of two additional groups of excavators arranged in the assembly-line format that transfer the ore concentrate onto the receiving bins

This overhaul is targeted at providing reliable, smooth, and breakdown-free operation of the company’s stockyard in winter and at being able to reach the target annual output figures, reports the spokesperson for Evrazruda.

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