Evrazruda gives overhaul to groove gigs at Kazskiy subsidiary

11 August 2006 (13:30)

Evrazruda JSC (part of Evraz Group) has been giving overhaul to the gigs located in the Main Groove of its Kazskiy subsidiary. The first stage of the overhaul (fixing the hoist drum of No. 1 gig) has been completed this week. Siberia Ltd. of Novokuznetsk, the general contractor, replaced the worn-out parts of the drum (that happens to be the major element of the lifting device) and fortified the metalwork.

The second stage of the overhaul, to be given to No. 2 gig, is scheduled for September. It is expected to last for 2 months and should become really unique, as this is going to be the company’s first experience of full replacement of the entire worn-out drum. The new drum, produced by Novokramatorskiy Machine bBuilding Works of the Ukraine, will be delivered to Kazskiy subsidiary in three platform cars. Evrazruda is currently dealing in overhaul preparations and deciding on the contractor.

During the overhaul, mining will be performed via Kletyevoy groove, and the inevitable decease of the average daily amount of ore will be made up for after the overhaul has been completed, so the company will still reach the target figures for the annual output, reports the spokesperson for Evrazruda.

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