Filling facility put up at Tashtagolskiy subsidiary of Evrazruda

9 October 2006 (09:54)

A filling facility is being put up at Tashtagolskiy subsidiary of Evrazruda; this is part of the long-term development program of Evraz Group. Once the construction has been completed, the facility will make it possible to start dealing with the iron ore currently inaccessible as it is located under the production site of the mine and the River Kondoma.

The workers have already fortified the foundation on the main building of the facility in compliance with the seismic resistance requirements and are now assembling the frame of the building meant for two ball crushers; these ball crushers will prepare filling stuffs made of the tailings left over from ore processing, cement, sinter, and water. The filling mixture will then be delivered to the mine to fill the voids.

Another building in project will be used as the storehouse for sinter; the construction is scheduled for next week. There will also appear some receiving bunkers and a storage tank for the filling.

The general contractors are Coksokhimmontazh-Kuznetsk JSC and Stroymekhanizatsia Ltd. Besides, the employees of Evrazruda keep on developing the mine at -140, -210, and -280 meters and cleaning the wells for the filling stuffs. The filling facility with the estimated capacity of 395,000 cubic meters of stuff a year is expected to have been launched by the end of 2007, reports the company’s spokesperson.

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