Highway leading to open cast mine put up at Irbinskiy subsidiary of Evrazruda

13 October 2006 (11:58)

A highway meant for transporting ore from Noviy-2 open cast mine at Burlukskoye depository is currently being constructed at Irbinksiy subsidiary of Evrazruda (ore maker and part of Evraz Group). This highway will allow the company to start extracting ore and transfer it to the grinding and processing plant using 55-on BelAZ trucks as well as transfer the overburden material to Noviy-1 mine and fill the emptied spaces with it.

The road is filled with the production leftovers such as rock and chippings; everything is being done by the company’s employees, who have already put up 300 meters of highway that look like a sloping bench following the outlines of Noviy-1 mine. The second part of the road that goes up the slope will allow the workers to go from +470 level pf Noviy-1 to +500 level of Noviy-2 mine. In order to complete the final 400 meters of the road, the company needs to construct a 600-meter long electric main (capacity of 6 kilowatt) in order to supply electricity to excavators and drilling facilities and provide lighting at night.

A contractor is going to join in the project soon; the main will take about a month to put up, then the rest of the road will be filled, and the daylighting operations should begin at Noviy-2 at the beginning of 2007. Ore will be extracted starting April 2007, reports the spokesperson for Evrazruda.

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