Evrazruda JSC starts construction of stower in Tashtagolskiy subsidiary

2 August 2006 (12:50)

Evrazruda JSC (part of Evraz Group) starts construction of a stower in its Tashtagolskiy subsidiary within the framework of a long-term development program of Evraz Group.

The facility will have been put into operation by the end of 2007; it will allow the company workers to start mining the large deposits of iron ore located in previously inaccessible areas under the production facilities and the river Kondoma.

The new stower will also provide for a full recycling of dry magnetic separation waste; the tailings will now be transferred not to the tailing dump but under the ground as the components of stowing material, which should improve the environmental state of the area.

CokeChimMontazh–Kuznetsk CJSC was decided on as the general contractor, and the representative of the company have already come to Tashtagolskiy mine. The area is now being stuffed with equipment and vehicles. The shaftmen have recently competed the drifting of -140 meter and -210 meter floors that are to be filled.

The project, designed and developed at SibGiproRuda of Novokuznetsk, provides for a stower with annual output of 395,000 cubic meters of stowing material. The filling, compiled of wet granulated slag, dry magnetic separation tailings, and cement, will be pressed into the mine with the help of compressed air in order to fill the proceeded areas. This will make it possible for the miners to deal with the iron ore without the danger of surface water getting into the mine, reports the spokesperson for Evrazruda.

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