Russian ore maker Evrazruda puts up ventilation and hot-air generator at Tashtagolskiy subsidiary

20 September 2006 (12:58)

Russian ore maker Evrazruda (part of Evraz Group) puts up ventilation and hot-air generator at its Tashtagolskiy subsidiary within the framework of long-term development program. The construction of the generator, meant for Novocapitalniy groove, was started a few years ago but had to be stopped and was only resumed this summer. The generator was designed by SibGiproRuda, with Novokuznetskstroy Ltd. acting as the general contractor.

The new facility will replace the worn-out generator and provide reliable and uninterrupted mine ventilation. In winter, the generator will produce hot air to prevent the groove from frosting up.

Among the advantages of this new device are the improved control system and higher productivity that induces more effective ventilation of the mines.

So far, the workers have already completed the foundation work, installed the VOD-40M ventilator, and began to put up the building. The assembling and installation of equipment should be completed within a year. The new generator will be launched at the end of 2007, with the old one dismantled, reports the spokesperson for Evrazruda JSC.

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