Original project of South Ural nuclear power station to be edited

28 September 2006 (12:44)

‘The original project of South Ural nuclear power station is going to be edited,’ the Director of the Station Vladimir Morozov announced at today’s press conference.

According to Mr Morozov, the project (which had been approved of and licensed) provided for the construction of the nuclear power station based on three BM-800 fast reactors. ‘However, taking into account that all the earlier projects on nuclear power industry development were never completed, as well as the fact that fast reactors are normally designed for a specific purpose and will only be actually needed no sooner than 2025-2030, there is no point in fulfilling the project right now,’ he said.

‘Since the government is currently considering the accelerated nuclear industry development program, we have been offered to customize the construction site to make it suitable for a station based on standard BBR-1000 blocks, and we decided it was a good idea,’ Mr Morozov said.

‘We haven’t got the project as such, so it’s hard to say what the would-be power station will look like. But the general approval for the construction has been reached, and we’ll keep on working.’

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