Rosatom to Install Two More Reactors at Beloyarskaya Power Station

21 February 2012 (09:14)

Rosatom is considering the possibility of installing two more fast fission reactors at Beloyarskaya nuclear power station in Sverdlovsk Region, to complement the BN-800 reactor currently under construction, RIA Novosti refers to head of Rosatom Sergey Kiriyenko as saying.

The nuclear station currently uses the world’s only fast fission reactor-based power generating unit that has an industrial-scale capacity, BN-600. The BN-800 fast fission reactor-based unit is under construction at the moment. The first portion of fuel is expected to be loaded into this reactor in the middle of 2013.

Kiriyenko observed that Rosatom and the power station’s managements originally planned to install only one additional power generating unit there, but it is now clear that there is enough room for two.

‘This means we can install two more fast-fission reactors on the premises. This could be a very powerful fast sodium reactors, and we are now trying to decide whether it will be a BN-1200 or a BN-1600. Our designers did confirm that Brest-300 could also fit in place: this is fast lead reactor. In fact, this signifies the two breakthrough trends in the development of the world’s nuclear energy,’ Rosatom CEO said.

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