Investments in would-be South Ural nuclear power station estimated at $4.8m

29 September 2006 (12:52)

‘The price of the established kilowatt should not exceed $1200; these are the internationally applied standards, and the cost of the station can be calculated by multiplying its capacity by its size. With the projected capacity of 4,000 megawatt, the cost of the station can be estimated at $4.8m,’ Director of South Ural nuclear power plant Vladimir Morozov announced at the press conference.

‘The project received 287m RUR in the 1980s, and the money was used to complete the design, the capital development, and putting up houses in the town of Ozersk. Yet 30% of the investments went astray as the design work was never used,’ Mr Morozov said.

‘RosAtom is going to build about 40 to 60 nuclear power stations by 2030, using a single project based on four VVR-1000 blocks on one site. Yet our station will have the blocks completed sequentially,’ he noted.

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